Understanding A Shoplifting/Petty Larceny Charge

Being charged with a shoplifting or petty larceny charge can be scary. These cases need to be taken seriously and handled by a legal professional. The The O'Driscoll Law Firm will help guide you through the entire process. It’s normal to be overwhelmed and uncertain about what these charges mean. Put your trust in a lawyer who will work hard to get you the best possible outcome.

Shoplifting and petty larceny are considered the same thing. You may be charged with these crimes if you are accused of wrongfully taking, obtaining or withholding property from its rightful owner. In New York, the court has a number of situations they consider in this crime, including:

  • Larceny by trick or embezzlement
  • Acquiring lost property
  • Obtaining property by false pretenses
  • Taking property by extortion

The severity of the crime depends on the monetary value of the property that was taken. Petty larceny is considered the lowest-level offense and is a class A misdemeanor. The property in question should be valued at no more than $1,000. A sentence may include imprisonment or a fine. You also may be held civilly liable, meaning you will owe money to the store from which the property was taken. This is where the legal experience of attorney Hannah O’Driscoll will serve you. She will negotiate these charges and look at all of your options.

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