Trust A Knowledgeable Attorney After A Traffic Ticket

While traffic tickets are common, they can lead to serious consequences. You may be facing points on your license or higher insurance premiums. A knowledgeable attorney can fight these charges on your behalf. The The O'Driscoll Law Firm has helped clients throughout New York. Attorney Hannah O’Driscoll’s goal is to lower your charges or get other tickets dismissed. Contact her for help.

Fighting Your Charges

To successfully fight a ticket, it is important to get legal help. Punishments can vary based on the type of violation. Each state has a point system and the court may decide to assign a value to your traffic offense. Too many points can result in a fine, license suspension or even jail time. Furthermore, a ticket can increase your insurance payments. This is where Hannah O’Driscoll can benefit you the most. Ms. O’Driscoll understands how these tickets affect your daily life and is here to help.

First of all, you need to show up in court. Of course, Hannah will there with you. She can build a case in an attempt to lower your charges. This includes using diagrams, photographs and eyewitness statements to contradict the officer’s opinions. By showing that a sign was not properly displayed, or that you were swerving to avoid a pedestrian, she can convince the court to lessen your charge.

Call Today

If you have questions about a traffic violation, getting legal advice is the best decision you can make. The The O'Driscoll Law Firm in Garden City is here to help you, no matter how big or small your case. Call today at 516-815-3108 or fill out a contact form.